Affiliated with:- Kickboxing Association of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Martial Arts & Kickboxing Academy  is a family oriented martial arts,Kickboxing and fitness school, open to the public, and dedicated to making your experience enjoyable and satisfying. We believe in strengthening the mind and body through self-discipline, fitness and awareness. At the Chhattisgarh Martial Arts and Kickboxing Academy we offer more than martial arts. We believe in whole fitness; both mind and body. By training at the Academy you will learn habits that will help develop a healthy lifestyle and positive mental outlook. For those of you who don’t have martial arts or fitness experience we encourage you to come and watch our classes. We have different programs designed to provide something for everyone so come  now and find the healthier you today!

Whether you're interested in learning the power and grace of Martial Art & Kickboxing, the spiritual and health benefits of Martial Art, or just getting in the best shape of your life, Chhattisgarh Martial Art & Kickboxing Academy (CMAA) is the place for you. Start your journey to become a martial artist today with our unique programs and talented instructors. we have focused on providing our members with a good class, clean, safe, family friendly training environment

Chhattisgarh Martial Art & Kickboxing Academy (CMAA) is Chhattisgarh’s only Martial  Art and Kickboxing Academy. Our academy  give children and adult a positive way to burn calories, learn loyality, honour, increase flexibility, reaction time and build self confidence .Keeping them active, engaged and away from electronic gadgets and other negative influences is our only mantra.Training in martial arts is the first step on a journey that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, challenges, and personal growth. Discover a new hobby that can change your life!

Our goal is to use martial arts as a positive influence in people's lives and in the community. We believe that when people are healthy, more confident in their self-defense abilities, and more confident in their mental fortitude, society prospers as a whole. We focus on teaching the styles of martial arts that we believe provide the most benefits to our students in terms of practical self-defense, physical conditioning,enjoyment and sports. We are committed to helping all of our students receive the many benefits of training in martial arts as well as helping everybody become the best martial artist/Sportman they can be.

We provide time to time access, functional Martial Art & Kickboxing equipment including Kickboxing Ring for ring sports,Martial Art Mats for tatami sports, floor matting, full length Training Dummy, kick bags,Punching Bags,Standing Bags,Upper Cut Bag, Punch Master,Speed Balls conditioning bags, pads galore, suspension trainers, gloves and shin pads for new students, changing facilities,  pull up bars, fitness weights, battle ropes, and a lot more, 

 Our instructors are highly qualified, with a team of multiple World, Asian and National Champions. Many of our instructors are early childhood teachers, and have an amazing rapport with the kids. CMAA is constantly developing new martial artists who are competing on the national and world stage, so if you are looking for a pathway to competition we can provide it.

Many of our students decide to test their skills and pursue martial arts competition. We pride ourselves on providing top notch coaching and preparation for anybody looking to step into the kickboxing ring/Tatami, or enter other martial art competition. Our Students have got many medals in State, National & International level Championships. They have represent our Country in International Championship like Asian Kickboxing Championship, Official World Kickboxing Championship in South Korea, Dublin Ireland, Anapa Russia and own Medals also for India.

Whether you are a novice or have professional training, we can help to make your next competition a successful one!

All Skill Levels Are Welcome!   bring out the  champ inside you and get ready to practice with us.